Syria has been in the sate of emergency. 13.5 million people need humanitarian aid. Of these, 3.3 million lack access to adequate food (2017) and rely on aid to survive. Save Life distributes food boxes in Syria. These food boxed cover the basic nutritional needs of one family of four for 30 days. Through your support, you can help us save lives and give hope to people who have lost everything.


War and conflicts always hit the youngest hardest. Education is aid to self-help and a key to a better future. Save Life runs a children’s school for Syrian refugees in the city of Kilis in Turkey, on the Syrian border. The project is a solid contribution to the global initiative called «No Lost Generation». 70% of the children in our school worked previously as child laborers before starting the school in Kilis. Through your support, you can give children the opportunity to attend a full-time school, access to clean water, food and an upbringing in a safe environment.

70 % av barna på vår skole jobbet som barnearbeidere før de startet på skolen vi har etablert i Kilis. Gjennom din støtte bidrar du til å gi barna fulltidsskole, rent vann, mat, og en oppvekst i trygge omgivelser.


The need in Syria is great. 13.5 million people need humanitarian aid. On the run from war and conflicts, Syrians have little opportunity to bring along their belongings. Save Life hands out clothes, shoes, blankets and other textiles to people in need.


Several million Syrian children do not know any other reality than distress and conflict. Through our local partners, Save Life facilitates psychosocial activities aimed at children with trauma such as football, play and dance. The activities are of great importance to the children's mental and physical health. Through your support, you give children the opportunity to get a break from the tough everyday life.